Healing stories from Newbury

I had been training hard to take part in the ‘Moonwalk’ in London – a major annual fundraising event for breast cancer – but in the last week of training my doctor diagnosed that I had developed ‘shin splints’.

This is a painful inflammatory condition causing pain down the front of the lower legs often connected with overtraining in athletic activities. The primary treatment for this is complete rest from the activity that caused the condition for at least for at least 2-3 weeks followed by a very gradual return to normal activities and preferably switching to a more low impact form of exercise. I had been training with my friends and had been looking forward very much to the event which was to take place in a few days’ time. I didn’t want to let my friends down and asked for prayer from the healing team for this condition. To my amazement, the pain started to go as soon as prayer began and after a couple of short prayers 90% of the pain had left and by the following morning the remaining 10% had also gone. I went on to complete the Moonwalk the following weekend – a grueling 26 miles throughout the night – with not the slightest twinge of pain either before, during or after the event. I have had no recurrence of the condition.

For six months, I have been having problems with my sinuses: blocked, painful, to the point that there were days where the pain was so uncomfortable, all I wanted was to stay in bed and sleep.

In addition, due to extreme stress that was caused by really difficult emotional problems with a family member, I felt tired, unmotivated and lacked any energy to do anything. I was angry at myself and the entire world. I visited three different doctors and was prescribed three different antibiotics, alongside nasal sprays and other medications, but nothing seemed to help and this whole situation was really bringing me down. Not only I was emotionally drained, but also physically – I was picking up every bug and was constantly catching cold.

Finally, I decided to go to the Newbury healing rooms, despite my initial skeptical attitude towards it. The results left me stunned. Within two days my sinuses were completely cleared and there was no pain at all! Moreover, the next day after prayer I woke up feeling refreshed, energetic and ready to do things – something I hadn’t felt for months. I used to take naps almost every day, and all that tiredness and lack of motivation was just taken away. Prayer and talking about the word of God, especially forgiveness, left me just feeling lighter, happier – it was like someone took away a heavy backpack from me. Before that, I very often felt utterly alone, with no one understanding what I was going through – but healing made me understand that God loves me and I am never alone and He is there for me, in my darkest and happiest moments.

I experienced an emotional trauma 11 years ago and have been dragging the weight around for a long time, which has caused muscular tension and chronic pain in my back and neck.

With prayer during the healing sessions, I now feel totally released from the traumatic memories of the event, my brain cannot access the disturbing images and chaos anymore, God’s taken it all.  As a result, I feel lighter, closer to God, and I am feeling joyful again, an emotion that had been dampened for a long time. The healing process also brought other past hurts and pains to surface, and they were dealt with safety by the team.

My last session at the healing rooms was an evening in June.  Following this session I woke up the next morning pain free and I cycled 40miles with my husband. The final chains were cut at that 3rd healing session and now I thank God each day that I live pain free by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The team there were just wonderful, very professional, and I felt soothed and reassured throughout the process. I would encourage anyone reading this who is feeling weighed down by past events, to give it to God, to unload the weight at the foot of His cross, and to drink from the well of forgiveness, hope and healing. God is good!

I have been coming from Oxford to Healing Rooms in Newbury for 3 weeks now.  I’ve had many things going on within myself and my family.  I also suffer with arthritis and other things.

I find the healing sessions and healers are very helpful.  Since I have been attending the sessions, I see and feel a difference within myself; the aches and pains I used to feel are no longer there and the depressed mindset I used to be in has disappeared.  I feel as if a weight has been lifted and coming from the sessions and returning home I can feel the surroundings are cleansed.

Thanks to the healers in Newbury and to Father God for giving me the strength to carry on.  I will continue the healing sessions as they are working for me.  Thanks to everyone at the Healing Rooms.

I have had ME for many years, following a severe viral infection, and I decided that attending Healing Rooms was a good opportunity to receive further prayer. I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing quite what to expect, but I needn’t have worried!

I’ve always received a friendly welcome at Healing Rooms by whoever is on reception and been offered refreshments on arrival. At my first visit I was asked to complete a simple registration form giving basic details about myself and why I needed prayer – help is given with this for anyone who requires it. The prayer sessions themselves have lasted about 20 minutes (but can vary in length) and have usually been led by 3 team members, though not necessarily the same people at each session. At each visit I have been able to report progress made since the last time, share my immediate prayer needs, and then be soaked in healing prayer, accompanied by the laying on of hands. Sometimes I have really sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence, or known a deep sense of God’s peace. Sometimes I have felt God has spoken to me personally through an encouraging word, picture, Bible verse or lines from a hymn that a team member has felt prompted to share with me.

Over the years God has been healing me very gradually. Although I still haven’t received complete healing from the ME, I feel I’ve made more progress in my healing journey since attending Healing Rooms and that God has healed a few more ‘layers’. In particular I’ve gained more freedom of movement in my neck and back (both in the days following specific prayer sessions) and I feel that God has done some inner healing too. God is interested in making us whole people in all areas of our lives, not just in taking away physical symptoms, and I am confident that He will continue the good work He has begun in me, in His way and His timing.

We are blessed to have Healing Rooms here in Newbury, and I thank God for the people who make it happen every month. If you would like to receive healing prayer, you will be made very welcome there.